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Mel in a box Standard Party - Order of Events

Order of Events for Standard Parties – Three-Step Process

1. Face Painting – The entertainer/s arrive and begin by setting up the face painting &/or makeup &/or nail polish. We usually offer a choice of either face paint, makeup or nail polish due to the length of time it takes to complete each of these activities, however parties with smaller numbers are usually able to have a combination. This is a very good time for grown ups to be bringing out some party food for the arriving children to nibble on as they greet & mingle with each other.

2. Games & Dancing – Once all faces are painted we move on to the games & dancing. The types of games & activities included are as follows :

– The Maccarana – Hide and Seek – Musical Statues – Musical Bumps – Charades – Pass the Parcel – Musical Shapes – What’s the time Mr Wolf – Skipping – Guessing Games – Dancing Competitions    

 – Fairytales * ** – Make a Wish Fairy Dust * – Bubbles ** – The Limbo ** – Musical Instruments **  – Duck Duck Goose ** – Puppets ** – Colouring In ** – Fairy Says *

* Usually only at Fairy Parties

** Excellent Activities for Under 3’s

3. Birthday Cake & Sing Happy Birthday – Please let us know when you are ready to have the birthday cake. We find it works very well as a way to end the party with the children eating their cake, collecting their lolly bags and being picked up by mum or dad. If you would like us to stay to sing Happy Birthday please have the cake ready approximately 10 minutes before we are scheduled to leave. Otherwise we will continue to play games up until the end. If you need to have the cake in the middle of the activites, that’s also fine – just let us know and we will take a quick break while we sing Happy Birthday.

Remember this is a loose guide to the order of events. In reality children can be quite unpredictable at times and it may be necessary to adjust the activities accordingly. We are very flexible and will alter things to make the party as successful as we can for the children and as easy going as possible for the grown ups.

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