Making happy memories

I believe in magic.

My desire is to entertain, delight & keep the magic alive! I am passionate about the emotional well being of children & creating as many opportunities for fun, laughter & happy memories as possible. 

Qualified in Early Childhood Education & over 20 years experience entertaining & planning children's parties all over Sydney. 

Melanie O'Brien
Founder & Creative Director of Fun

Turning a Vision into Reality

Themed events are my specialty.

From concept to creation,

 I love to create events that begin as an idea in your mind, then stay in your memory & heart,

for a life time.

Melanie O'Brien
Event Planner & Stylist

Keeping the Magic Alive

Setting your theme begins with the invitation design and flows through to all aspects of the event itself including what is worn, what is eaten, the decorations, the entertainment and how it all comes together creating a magical atmosphere of make believe and wonder.

Melanie O'Brien & Lolly Pop

My Girl 

Lolly Pop

She's been partying with me since she

was 2 years old and still in nappies!

The original baby fairy and seasoned professional party host, having attended parties all over Sydney & the Gold Coast with Mumma Mel

for 9 years of her young life! 

Lolly Pop is a dancing queen, loves makeup and her favourite food group is sugar!

That makes her an expert on lollies

and Mel in a box signature lolly boxes! 

Order lolly boxes for your party guests and know that the selection will be a red hot hit with your friends... because 11 year olds know what the kids like and they are not afraid to include it!

Lolly Pop 
Dancing Queen & Lolly Bag Designer
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