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Choose Your Party Theme

There is nothing more fun than a fancy dress party! The thrill of transforming yourself into your favourite character is exciting whether you are a child or a grown up. On the other hand, you may not be the dress up type and if this is the case then why not get us to dress up for you?

Mel in a box entertainers will dress up whether you are going to or not – providing you want us to that is. We are comfortable in our fairy wings and feel much more fun if we are adorned in glitter and glam.

Mel in a box has a range of party themes to choose from. If you don’t see the theme of your choice listed here then let us know and we will see if we can arrange it especially for you. It just means we need to arrange the outfits for ourselves to wear and where possible we will try.

Most Popular Themes

· Fairies & Elves – This is a popular theme for most little girls and boys, particularly the younger ones. It is an easy option for most parents as all you really need is a pair of wings or floppy elf hat. What christening would be complete without your very own fairy godmothers attending!

· Groovy – This theme is great for those of you who really don’t want to go to a lot of trouble with the outfits. It’s really easy to be groovy because most of the children’s clothes these days are groovy in one way or another. If you need a little help why not try a pair of sun glasses and some colourful beads – Groovy Baby!

· Disco Divas – Great for the older ones who are into dancing the night away so to speak! Works really well in a garage or loungeroom with some colourful disco lights. Grab some sequins and some feathers and away you go!

· Princesses & Princes – All you need is a crown, a dress if you are a girl and some fancy pants if you are a boy.

Some Other Ideas

· Ballerina – Tutu’s, tiara’s & lots of twirling. Ballerina themes are for the little twinkle toes in the family. Haven’t got a tutu yourself mum? Don’t worry we have a spare for anyone game enough!

· Super Hero’s – Most little boys have a Bat Man costume or a Spider Man costume in their wardrobe so this is usually an easy theme for the parents. We can tailor the games to include more running and jumping so they can really show off their super powers! Fab for boys and girls and now introducing Wonder Woman 2018 to the mix!

· Barbie – Well we all know what to wear to a Barbie Party – Just think Pink! And for the boys well they can come as Ken or what was Barbie’s latest boyfriends name again?

· Hi Five – For lovers of Hi Five. Colourful clothing along the lines of what the gang from Hi Five wear and of course plenty of Hi Five songs to sing and dance to.

· Kylie Minogue – This theme is really for your up and coming stars! You can either have everyone come as Kylie if its an all girl event and the birthday girl loves Kylie or you can ask the guests to come as their favourite singer or actress and Mel will come us hers – Kylie of course!

· The Voice or X Factor – You’ve all seen the shows on TV well why not have your very own The Voice or X Factor Party at home. You just ask everyone to dress up as if they are going to audition for your favourite one of these shows. We hold our very own auditions at your house for all of your friends. You all get to vote for each other! This party is recommended for those old enough to know the words to at least one song so that they can perform karaoke style.

· Hawaiin – Great for a pool party because grass skirts look great over cossies and hawaiin shirts look fabulous with board shorts.

· Spooky Halloween – Witches, Warlocks, Monsters, Ghosts. If you live in a child friendly street and pre arrange a little trick or treating, we can help you shuffle everyone from one door to the next! Otherwise we can have a monsters ball & incorporate some ghostly games & dances like the Time Warp into the party mix.

· Beach Party – Sandcastles, Swimming Costumes, Shell Hunts. If you live near the beach and don’t have alot of space at your house the wide open space on the beach is a perfect base for an active outdoor event! The little ones can have fun building sand castles and playing in the sand whilst the older kids can enjoy team ball games, crab races, make your friend a mermaid and have fun dancing and swimming in the sun.

·  Spa Party – Invite the girls over for some pampering and soaking in our foot spas! We bring the salon to you and your friends with glitter makeup, hair salon and pedicure with nail polish! While you wait your turn you can decorate a mask and use it for funny photos in our photo booth! The total girly indulgence party!

If you have a request or an idea for a theme, that you haven’t seen in our list, please email us at info@melinabox.com.au/old and let us know what it is. We will do our very best to help you out.

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